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Thursday, December 29 - 6:30 pm

Letter from Nate Allen, President of the Kahlua Board of Directors

Holiday Greetings Kahlua Owners:


I have been receiving a significant number of emails lately from people requesting updates and asking questions for which we do not yet have answers.  Equally important, we will not offer “speculative” responses to these questions just to provide a response.  For example, one of the questions I receive a lot is: how much money will the insurance company pay to cover the costs of the damages.  We do not know that answer and it will be quite some time until the totality of the damages is determined. 


As most of you would expect, and as we have been telling you, this process is going to take time.  So, we ask that you continue to remain patient.  The site clean-up work has started and we continue to await some critical information from our engineers about the shoring of the balconies.  We’ve also hired an appraiser to value the property, as that information will be critical to our determination of whether we can rebuild on the ground floor.  Until we have that information, we cannot proceed.  So, in the meantime, we will continue to work with our current contractor to keep the site safe and, to the extent possible, protected from further damage.


Nate Allen


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