Owners' Area

This area is for messages to those who are owners at Kahlua Beach Club.  

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  • Having a guest use your unit? 
    Please email the office in advance with their name and phone number. (kbeachclb@aol.com)
    Note: As an owner, it is your responsibility to be sure your guests fully know the rules and regulations of Kahlua Beach Club.


  • Kahlua is now a smoke free resort. Smoking is permitted only in the designated area on the southeast side of the property.

  • Want to call a room?  Here's how:

    From outside Kahlua:

       1.  Call: 239-765-0271 (The phone number is the same for all rooms)

       2.  When you hear the greeting, punch in the room number you want

    From another Kahlua unit:  Dial the room number you wish to call.


  • We have a page for every week here at Kahlua Beach Club.  Please send your stories and photos and we'll add them to your week (please be sure you have permission to use photos of others). 

    Click here for photos and stories of each week (favorite recipes and stories welcome too!)


  • Kahlua logo items - check out all the new items from Kahlua pj's and snuggies to jewelry to smart phone and tablet covers.  

  • Obituaries

  • Units for Sale 
    (Please be sure to refresh your browser to see the latest sales sheet.  See note in Marianne's Corner about how to see the most current version of the website


  • Reminder- 4 people per room (Babies count as a whole person)


Board of Directors

Email:  bod@kahluabeachclub.com

Individual pictures and emails here

Annual Dues Information

Click here to read details about Annual Dues and Property Tax Amounts


Tech Corner with Marianne


Hi!   I'm Marianne Douglas, the web designer for Kahlua Beach Club and an owner for the past thirty or so years.  

This corner will be to let you know some of the new items that I've added to the site, some tips to make the site easier to navigate and some general internet safety information.   Click here to visit my page.

Email:  KahluaMarianne@aol.com