Tech Corner with Marianne


Marianne Douglas

Web Designer

Kahlua owner since 1989

  • If you get a spam email from Kahlua, please don't open any of the links inside.  We do our best to keep our technology secure but there are scammers are out there and they will occasionally get though.  Also, keep your computer updated and with good virus software.​

  • The tech people asked that everyone please have virus software on any device they bring to Kahlua to protect their computer and everyone else's. There are free ones available.

  • I just got back from a trip to our beautiful Kahlua. I stayed in the area two extra nights at a hotel and was introduced to a scam that's rampant in Florida and growing.  Someone calls your room late at night saying they're from the front desk.  They say their computers are down and would you be so kind as to give them your contact information and credit card again. If this happens, please hang up and call the front desk yourself.  The local police have been informed but to date, have been unable to stop this.  Please pass the word so we can all keep our credit cards safe.

  • Here's a tip that you might not have known. If you go to check a page on the website that seems out of date, please refresh the browser on your computer.  The website is updated whenever Debbie sends me an update but your computer holds onto the last version it saw.  That means that unless you refresh the page (or shut down the computer and start again), you won't see the new changes.Of course, if after doing that you still notice something that's not right, please email me at the email address above and I'll get to it as soon as I can.  

  • So much happens at Kahlua that we all want to share with our fellow owners.  While there are pages for each week where we post pictures of people and events that are specific to that week, there are also pictures and stories that we all want to see without having to scroll through 52 weeks! Check out the PIctures and Moments page for shared pictures and stories.

  • Send your own along to add to your week. Just email your photos, recipes and stories to me at or directly to the staff at Kahlua at who will forward it to me.


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