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Wednesday, October 6 11:15 am

Letter from Nate Allen, President of the  Kahlua Board of Directors

Dear Owners:


I know everyone is anxious and worried about the future of Kahlua.  I am too.  You must remember it has been just over one week since Hurricane Ian hit Estero Island and the magnitude of the storm has made it very difficult for anyone to visit the beach or fully grasp the dire nature of the situation.  First responders are still in recovery mode and local authorities are controlling access to Estero Boulevard, which limits our efforts, as well as the efforts of the residents and business owners who are in Fort Myers Beach.    


Hurricane Ian

Please know that the staff and Board members immediately began working on the logistical and administrative issues within our control to ensure that we can make informed, sound and rational decisions once our professional advisors, including the insurance adjusters and structural engineers, are able to provide us with the results of their investigations and assessments.   We have been, and will continue to be, in frequent contact with those professionals.  We are hopeful this process will happen quickly, but under the circumstances, we must all remain patient.  I assure you that we will pass along any pertinent information to you when we have it, so now is not a time to speculate or start drawing conclusions.  We must first understand the scope of our damages because that will have a major impact on our viable options and decisions. 


Annual Meeting

All of you should be receiving the annual newsletter in the mail very soon.  That newsletter was prepared, printed and sent out for mailing prior to the hurricane.  So, as you can imagine, things have changed since then, including the ability of the Board to meet in-person.  For now, that meeting will be held as scheduled, but will only take place via Zoom.  We ask that all of you send in your proxy forms so we can establish a quorum and have the meeting as planned.  The agenda will certainly change due to the impact the hurricane has, and will continue to have, on our operations, but we will have the elections.  More information will be posted on the website leading up to the annual meeting. 


Please remember that we are not the only ones affected by this hurricane.  We should be thankful our staff and owners are safe.  The KBC community has always been strong and one that we cherish, and I hope that together, we can it make it through this devasting catastrophe.


Nate Allen

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