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Deed Changes/Lost Deeds

Kahlua Beach Club

Over the past few years, we have had several owners ask us for copies of their deeds because they have been misplaced, and also how does an owner change their deed, i.e. if they want to give it to their children, put it into a trust, or avoid probate issues in the future. 

If you are in need of a deed change for any reason, we have made arrangements with our title company for a reduced fee of $150.00 plus recording fees. They will do all of the paperwork for you, the documentary stamps, and necessary changes and recording fees. All they need from the owner is information on how they want the deed changed. For copies of lost deeds, they charge $25.00 per copy. You would call Lee County Searches, (239) 482-7900 ask for Sabrina; she will be happy to assist you


PLEASE NOTE: This is an important issue as we have found some problems with deeds in making sales in the past several months.

For example, if when you originally took deed to your timeshare, it was taken in your names, Robert Smith and Joan Smith instead of Robert Smith and Joan Smith, husband and wife, if one of the two parties passes away, then the deed would have to be probated which takes approximately twelve months and costs around $1500.00. If it was originally titled in the name of Robert and Joan Smith, Husband and Wife, then upon demise of one of the two people, it would automatically go to the surviving person. If you have your original deeds and your have questions or just want to verify that the deed is correct, please feel free to contact Wilkinson Title.


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