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Tuesday, September 27 10:00 am

Dear Owners,

We are in the process of closing up Kahlua due to a Mandatory Evacuation Order as of 7:00 am this morning.

All outside furniture has been moved and hurricane shutters put up in the units.

Hopefully in a couple of hours we will have the last of the owners moved then we will shut down the utilities, put the elevator on the fifth floor and LeAnn,  John and I will leave the Island.

The biggest threat is the storm surge. It can be between 5 - 10 ft.

We will keep everyone posted on the website especially week 40 owners so you can make your plans.

We will do our best to update you as we can.

Hopefully everyone will be safe   
Thank you


Debbie Ciminski
Resort Manager

Tuesday, September 27  1:00 pm

Kahlua has been secured and all staff have departed.

Wednesday, September 28 4:00 pm

Debbie has asked that I be the contact for her at this time since she has no power and doesn't know when she'll have it again.  She is safe.  She is receiving lots of phone calls and messages.  She's grateful to receive them but hopes that people understand that she has to maintain her cell phone as best as possible and phone calls and messages use up her cell power.  I'll post when I hear from her again here on the website.    

The camera at Smuggler's Cove was active earlier in the day.  I caught screen shots before it went dark.  It's no longer broadcasting   







The Weather Channel was broadcasting from across the street of Lana Kai.   They are no longer because the camera which was mounted 6 feet high is now underwater. They are rerunning that video to show how fast the water came in. I took this from my TV.


Marianne Douglas, web designer and owner at our beautiful Kahlua Beach Club (weeks 16 and 17)

Thursday, September 29 - 8:30 am

Just talked to Debbie.  She does not have power or internet so is unable to respond or send emails. 


Thursday, September 29 - 2:00 pm

Kahlua is still standing!  Video received shows aerial view of both Bonita Beach Road and Estero Boulevard. Screen shot below shows the view from the beach side.

Debbie has tried to get onto the island but she was stopped by the police on Bonita Beach Road.  She does not have internet or power in her area.


There will not be check-ins on Saturday for Week 40 owners.

We will post videos and pictures as we receive them.

Sunday, October 2   10:15am

NOAA visual of southwest Florida


NBC2 video of the region

Kahlua Beach Club
Kahlua Beach Club
Kahlua Beach Club
Kahlua Beach Club
Kahlua Beach Club
Kahlua Beach Club
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