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Tuesday, November 8, 2022  8:30 pm


Letter from Nate Allen, President of the Kahlua Board of Directors

Good Evening Kahlua Owners:


The Board of Directors and staff continue to work diligently with our insurance agent, engineers, legal counsel, accountant to help move things along.   Although the process continues to take time, I am pleased to report the following updates from the last few days:


Structural Integrity of the Building:  We received written confirmation from our structural engineer that the building is structurally safe, subject, however, to the shoring up of the second floor balconies.  As indicated in previous updates, we were not surprised by this news, but nevertheless, it was reassuring to finally receive the written report.  Equally important, this news was essential to clarifying our options going forward. 


Site Clean-up:  Now that we have the structural engineer’s report, we are one step closer to executing a contract with the restoration contractor for the exterior clean-up and preservation of the property.  The final step before signing the contract will be coordinating coverage and scope of work for the mitigation and clean-up expenses with our insurance company and the contractor.  We are currently working on this (including a long phone call today) and hope to have it wrapped up soon.


Kahlua Rentals:    We will be refunding the rental fees for week 53.  The staff will begin sending out those checks very soon.  All rentals of Kahlua-owned weeks which cannot be used due to the hurricane will also be refunded.  Anyone needing information on those weeks should contact RAL.


Annual Meeting:  Please remember the Annual Meeting is Friday, November 18, 2022, and will be conducted via Zoom only.  Details and a link to the login instructions are available under the “Owners” tab on our website.   Also, we are still in need of owner’s proxy/ballot forms.  If we do not receive enough votes to establish a quorum, the Board will be unable to conduct business on that day.  If you have not received your form (which was in the Newsletter), please contact Debbie or LeAnn right away.


I want to thank everyone for their continued patience.  This has been, and will continue to be, a long process.   I know everyone would like to see more frequent updates, but we are trying to provide factual, non-speculative and helpful information.  If I were to report on every effort being made, conversation being had, or email being exchanged, I would be writing these a few times every day.   


Nate Allen


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